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Ben Affleck Movies Are Different

Ben Affleck is one of Hollywood’s best known leading men. He enjoyed some amazing popularity within the 90s as a pop culture phenomenon. True fans realize that Ben has only gotten better with age. Some of my personal favorite Ben Affleck movies don’t even range from 90s, but are his latest work that actually showcase his skills being an actor.

Too often movie reviews of my personal favorite Ben Affleck movies focus too much on all of the little things. Should you pick apart any movie it is easy to find flaws. As a fan of Ben, though, I like to just relax and enjoy the movie. That may be why my movie reviews are so positive. I’m not searching for fault. I’m just basking within the amazing talents of this wonderful actor.

A number of my personal favorite Ben Affleck films come from his early career. I mean, most people agree so good Will Hunting is really a classic movie. It is no surprise that Ben won an Academy award for your one. Another of his hits that actually touched me was Armageddon. That was a tear-jerker with no matter how many times I watch it I am crying like a baby by the end.

However, in recent years, Ben hasn’t slowed down. Some of my favorite Ben Affleck movies of the decade include the legendary film, Pearl Harbor and the movie that displayed a whole other side of the actor, Daredevil. Ben was cited as saying Daredevil was his favorite child years superhero and the man took the role since it was important to him the character was described correctly.

My list of favorite Ben Affleck movies wouldn’t be complete without his latest works. I absolutely loved is fugitive hunter role in Smokin’ aces. Romantic comedies have not always been good to Ben, but he hit a home run with He’s Just Not That Into You. That movie was box office gold. Ben partnered having a hot cast to make a movie which had women rushing to the box office. It had been a nice perk for Ben’s career, which had been just a little lacking.

The only thing that makes headlines more often than Ben’s remarkable acting expertise are his relationships. Poor Ben has had to cope with some incredible snooping into his personal life. I believe we all remember Bennifer. Thankfully, now he’s happily married to Jennifer Garner with two beautiful baby girls.

Ben is not about movies and connection, though, he also offers a humanitarian side that lots of people may not be aware. He’s shown support for Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, has backed those against stricter gun control and it has shown major admiration for former president, George W. Bush. Those are some things not everyone knows about this person. He’s a lot more than an actress. He’s a dad, a husband as well as an advocate. He stands up for which he believes in on and off screen, and that’s why I am among his fans.

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