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Finding and choosing local events

In your local city or even in smaller towns there is almost certainly a lot going on which you are missing out upon. Every city has its artists, musicians and filmmakers: often people who don’t look for fame or which haven’t been discovered yet but are no less worth seeing than big world famous groups, or internationally renowned artists or the latest Hollywood blockbusters. People who depend entirely on popular culture to fill there lives are missing out on a lot that is going on and is fact often far more relevant to them through being local. If you listen to your music online or on CD then you are missing out on the joy of live music. Almost every night in a city there is live music somewhere, even music that isn’t what you normally listen to can sound great live: it’s not just the noise its everything including the atmosphere, the performance and the sense of creating something unique for that moment in time. A band or artist doesn’t need to have a recording contract to wow audiences and build up hardcore fans that make the venues buzz.

With films those made in Hollywood that you see at your cinema are made to be commercially successful and to suit as many people as possible. If you have a local arthouse cinema find some films you wouldn’t normally watch, you may find some you hate but some you love. A film festival is an even better opportunity especially with local talent and films about life in the very city where you live and which you know so well.

As for art it’s the same as with films, go to local galleries and also to local cultural events with artists work on show and even the chance to meet artists. A painting is made to be seen and seen up close for real, a print or a picture online rarely does justice. By seeing a painting or other piece of art you can appreciate the effort and emotion the artist has put in, if you feel you don’t understand the point or art it may be that you have just never really looked at it. Again with art of course some you will like some you will hate and some you will fall in love with, everyone’s tastes are different so you have to look around and search things out, build your own tastes rather than being told what to like.

If you spend your life in a city you should know something about it, a commute through any city can make it seem dull and sat in an office shows you such a small part. Cities though are full of life and people with stories and culture, local cultural events give you the chance to appreciate your home town and city and see the life and people living there and the things they do and create be it music, art, food and drink or traditional dress. Cities are fantastic melting pots of different cultures but those pots need to be stirred so that different cultures get to understand one another and appreciate the history and beauty so try getting to cultural events for cultures other than those you consider your own.

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