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Premiere Talent Agencies in the United States

Everyone wants to have a shot at the big time, but getting a foot in the door is not as easy as it seems. There are a lot of people who trying to find their place in the entertainment industry and unfortunately a lot of fake talent agencies have been created to scam these people into paying them a lot of money. In order to find not only a reputable agency, but a premiere talent agency, there are certain criteria you should always look for.

Doing Their Job

The job of a talent agency is to find opportunities for their clients to audition for and even get hired. If you are finding that an acting agency is not even trying to find these types of things for you, then you are probably giving them money for nothing. Not everyone can become famous, but you should feel like your agent is working to help you get your best shot.

Follow the Money

Legitimate agents only get paid when you do, after they book you an audition at a premiere event. If you have a company asking you to pay them money before they will even meet you, then you are probably talking to a group of con artists. Even companies who are asking you to come and have some headshots taken for a portfolio, yet asking you to pay a good chunk of money, you should find someone else. There are plenty of pictures you could use that give the agency an idea of how you look without using a thousand dollars worth of photos.

Previous Clients

Companies that are less than authentic are quick to put up posters on the wall of famous actors, actresses, and singers, but that does not mean that they actually ever represented that person. Instead, you should ask around and get to know who these people actually have used to represent them. Making it into the Hollywood scene requires a lot of connections and people who have been around the contacts a time or two are much more likely to know where to go and who to talk to.

The Best Contacts

An agency does not have to boast a client list that is full of A-List celebrities in order to be effective. As long as they know how to do their job, they can be your best asset. Event shows are a great place to get some exposure, but there are some things that you should be aware of with them before attending. There are some shows that just about anyone can get into, but the shows that require an invitation can actually be very profitable for your career. If your agent knows tips like this, they can find the best jobs to help you get your foot in the door.

Getting Started

Good luck starting out on your career. Finding the best agent can take some time, but it is definitely worth it if you are truly serious about trying to make it in the world. The entertainment industry has a lot of pros and cons, and you should have the very best agent at your side.

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