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The Festival Guide For Newbie Event Managers

To keep your customers coming back year after year there are some strong strategies regarding equipment, production preparation and the team that you will want to implement. Before anything, you must be able to understand how a festival works; have you attended a successful festival yourself? If so, what did you love about it? These are all elements to run through during the planning process that will help your event become a triumph.

First of all, you need to have in mind what type of festival you are looking to hold. Don’t set your expectations to high or you just will end up disappointed. Set a realistic target and do everything in your power to make sure you reach it! Don’t expect to pull of a massive four-day festival with a top-profit outcome on your first go. Instead, start of small and build your reputation. This way you have something to work with and build on, rather than failing the first time. Connect with local bands or underground artists that are also seeking exposure and build a real buzz.

The next stage to consider is location. Depending on the scale of the production you have set out it might be best for your budget to work closely with local hall owners or even famers to see if you can create an exceptional site to host the event. Choosing something original and unique with all add to the atmosphere and theme of your festival. After selecting a venue you need to consider event lighting, visual and audio needs. Before booking event lighting hire or any other budget grabbing services you must make sure that you check that the site would qualify for the proper festival permits including licenses for playing music or selling food/drink. The nightmare scenario could result in your festival being shut down half way through!

Of course, weather is a factor that needs to be carefully considered in the UK throughout your festival production. Luckily, muddy boots are all part of the experience for many customers but even so you must ensure that you set up stages and electric items with this in mind. Consider flooding, rain and wind protection for those who really want to get out of the mess for a bit.

Try to push the boat out a bit – after all the customers have all paid a big chunk of their wages on this ticket! Try to surprise the attendees and make this experience on to be talked about for months to come. Give them amenities they will appreciate such as food, drinks, lounge areas or sofas. Think about what other low-cost activities you can provide for those who might want to take a break from watching the bands. Fun rides and games are often a good way to lighten the mood and make some extra cash.

The festival production itself isn’t easy to run at all, especially if you are doing it alone! You may want to seek professional assistance when it comes to promotion and operations on the day. Although you could use volunteers and friends, a professional will guarantee that the festival runs smoothly from start to finish.

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