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How Unlucky Can One Get?

They say that what we see on movies or TV dramas are an exaggeration of what happens in real life. In movies and TV dramas, you’d normally see tragic events that always make people cry. Not a lot of people believe that such dramatic situations can happen in real life. These people have underestimated the chance of this thing happening in real life. Many people believe this until something bad happens to them.

A sad, true story
Apparently, such things happen in real life as well. Recently, a boy has been a victim of a series of unfortunate events that led to his death. After a tornado struck Oklahoma City and caused distraction to the place, a little boy was separated from his mom and dad. A family then took care of him while his family is being located.

A sad story gone bad
After a bad, traumatizing experience, being separated from your friends and family, living with somebody else other than your family can get any kid unhappy. This caused the boy to be restless and cry almost endlessly. This however, didn’t sit well with the family’s pet dog. Thinking of the boy’s action as a threat against its masters, the dog attacked the boy. The owners of the dog were able to unhook their pet’s jaw, but it was too late.

The aftermath
After authorities have captured the dog, they eventually went to euthanize it. The County justice blamed the lack of laws in dog ownership in their area, citing that the county doesn’t even have a simple leash law. These laws according to a Los Angeles injury lawyer, are important to ensure the safety of people against dog attacks and encourage responsible dog ownership. Now authorities are being encouraged to finally come up with new laws for dog ownership to prevent any more cases of such incident.

The importance of responsible dog ownership
Owning a pet is more than just feeding it, taking it to the vet for the needed vaccines and making sure your dogs are okay. A Los Angeles attorney says that pet owners should also make sure that their beloved pets would not go and cause harm to other persons and that the owners should be liable to any injury or death of someone because of the animals they are taking care of. The death of this young Oklahoma kid should be a wake-up call not just for that particular state, but across the country to come up with legislations that will help put an end on animal attacks.

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