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Qualities to Look for in a Lawyer

For any individual or a business, legal aid is a major concern. Many individuals and business owners nurture a belief that they are immune to legal complexities, as they always do everything “right”! However, one can never foresee trouble. In turbulent times, absence of genuine legal aid can add to the problems being faced by people or businesses.

When do we need a lawyer?
Although the answer to the above question can only be answered as per a business or individual’s specific circumstances, the most appropriate answer would be- always! When in the middle of a legal controversy, it is always a wise decision to consult a lawyer to avoid further complications. It is advisable to engage a legal adviser for individuals and businesses beforehand, rather than waiting for a legal problem to arise. Being legally prepared to face any legal proceeding can also help resolve an issue in lesser time and within fair costs. Whatever the size of a business, a legal advisor is an unavoidable position in a company.
Once an individual or a business entity decides to engage an attorney, the first concern that comes to the mind is- how to find the best lawyer.

What are the qualities of a good lawyer?
Experience- It is important that the legal advisor one hires has the experience of dealing with cases related to a business or general cases that an individual might face. For example, hiring a maritime lawyer would not make much sense for a corporate or an individual.

Understanding- A good attorney must take time and make efforts to understand the goals of a business or the particular circumstances of an individual. Unless the attorney can understand this, he or she cannot be completely beneficial to the employer.

Communication skills- A good legal advisor acts as a mediator between the client and the legal system. If the lawyer cannot simplify the legal procedures to make the clients aware of the situation and keeps talking in legal jargon, the result might not benefit the client the way it should. Similarly, a lawyer must be able to explain the legal aspects of every decision a client takes.

Accessibility- How fast can a lawyer attend to your concerns is a big factor! No point in hiring a legal advisor who is too busy to give personal attention and time to the client.

Rapport- For a truly beneficial relationship between a lawyer and the client, it is important that they share a good rapport. A lawyer must gel well with an individual or the business owners hiring him or her.

References- It is good to ask for references. People who have worked with a lawyer on earlier occasions can give an opinion about their credibility and methodology.

Fee- Attorneys charge as per the location, size and reputation of a business, and as per the net worth of individuals. It is advisable to research a little on what the other layers charge before hiring a lawyer.

Finally, it is important that your legal advisor simplifies your legal hassles and ultimately gets you out of them. Unless they are doing this, it is time to hire a more reliable and efficient lawyer.

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